Solntsu ne Vezet - duo exhibition (with Slava Nesterov) at Daipyat, Voronezh


Photos by Evgenia Nebolsina

“ The project "Solntsu ne Vezet" (The Sun Is Unlucky) refers to the opera "Victory over the Sun" by Mikhail Matyushin and Alexei Kruchenykh, wich was written in 1913. The main idea of this opera is about the victory of the advanced technology of the future over the old nature. Matyushin wrote: "Victory over the Sun is a victory over the old customary concept of the Sun as beauty."
Slava Nesterov and Pavel Polshchikov undertake a revision of this ideas assuming that such a modernist approach to victory over nature cannot be realized. The natural clings to technological, historical knowledge and visionaryism are superimposed on each other, religiosity becomes a part of the entertainment, and the national loses its idea of boundaries.
Artists reassemble the "sun" again, but each time it will fail. From the debris of the network chaos, it builds up into new hybrid forms.
The Sun is unlucky again.

Installation view
     Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Slava Nesterov, Solasteridae sovietus antiqui, 2020, gypsum, epoxy resin

Pavel Polshchikov, Slava Nesterov Solntsa bolshe net, 2021, video, polymer clay Link︎︎︎

Pavel Polshchikov, Lungta №7, 2021, digital printing on fabric, steel chains

Pavel Polshchikov, Lungta №8, 2021, digital printing on fabric, steel chains, polymer clay

Slava Nesterov, Solasteridae sovietus, 2020, gypsum, epoxy resin, clay, papier mache, acrylic paint, varnish

Pavel Polshchikov, Untitled, 2021, polymer clay

Slava Nesterov, Solis nigra, 2020, gypsum, metal, ethylene-vinyl acetate, epoxy resin, reflective fabric

Slava Nesterov, Solntsu ne vezet, 2020, gypsum, ethylene-vinyl acetate, glass, bamboo, chaga

Pavel Polshchikov, Crucifiction, 2020, ceramics, steel chains, polymer clay