Decathlon Sale - duo exhibition (with Lily Filina) at FFTN gallery, St. Petersburg


Curated by Tatiana Chernomordova

I would eat your curls that are hidden under the black cloth. I would gobble them right now and then long and awkwardly pick out the remains between the teeth. Light enters from the window and immediately disintegrates into parts. I love the green part of the spectrum. It is the most aggressive and uncontrollable. You can drown in it. Dust collects in the corners of the room and soon it will start to clog into our eyes. Then I will prefer the red light its grave serenity and dignity. I would still eat your curls and rip the layers of fabric.

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Pavel Polshchikov, Untitled, 2020, shoe polish on canvas, felt-tip pen, mixed media, polymer clay

Pavel Polshchikov, Untitled, 2020, polymer clay

Pavel Polshchikov, Lily Filina, Decathlon sale, 2020, single-channel video installation

Lily Filina, Untitled, 2020, mixed media